What Do You want From Your Website designer?

As the owner of Solid Air Web a website design company based in Chester I am very interested in what a prospective client wants from a website designer. If I know what a client wants I can then provide it. Is it cost, is it great customer service, or just a great end product or all three.

My experience is that clients do not really know all that is involved in getting a website designed and up and running. It is therefore not just a part of my job but an important part of my job to fully explain all aspects of the design process, as it relates to them.

In today’s economic climate cost does seem to be one of the top factors in gaining clients, but should you then just pitch at the lowest price point you can?

This may not always be the wisest thing to do. My experience is that clients come in with an idea of what they want, you provide a cost based on the brief, which they find acceptable, but during the process of website design the client then realises they need something more. Your then left with the option of increasing the price or doing the extra work for free.


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