PhotoShop and Color Space Tip2

The next tip is really just a starting point for further understanding of photoshop. Photoshop is not just an image processing application for the screen but also for printing, therefore it has many options for the pre-press process, these can cause conflict for the screen. The most common problem is “color space”. This can cause a color hex code to look different in separate images even though the real hex,rgb or cmyk code are the same, this is due to the fact that each image file will be in a different color space. So the first and most important thing to do is when creating a new image file see what color space you are using. So when you open a new file make sure that you click the advance option from within the panel and see what color space it will be in. In short if you are creating image solely for the screen, and not for printing, then you want to be using “RGB sRGB”. As as all the other file you create are also in the same color space you will not have any color conflicts. If using other people file or image from other source e.g the net you should check that the image is in the right color space.

To do this go to the edit menu then the convert to profile and check the source profile. If this is not the color space you want i.e. sRGB then click on the destination space drop down tab and choose sRGB, and there you go no color space conflicts.

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