Soon to be released SEO price list.

Well, Solid Air Web is just about to release it’s SEO price list. This will include an initial free consultation, to discus the SEO process in general.

We will also be offering Keyword Research, and a page by page review of existing web pages, along side SEO campaign’s to get those Back Links that will get your website higher in those search engine results.

So the process might look something like this:

Free Consultation;

Keyword Research;

Page by Page checking of Tilte MetaTags and Content to optimise for Keywords;

On going SEO campaign for Back Links.

Most SEO agencies lock you in to a 1 year contract, with Solid Air Web we believe that a 6 month contract give us time to do our SEO magic and after seeing our result you would then be happy to re-sign with us, if you were not satisfied you would be free to go elsewhere, of course, though we believe you’ll stay with us.


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