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What is SEO and do you need it?

SEO is how you can promote your website without paid adverts, therefore getting it placed higher in search engine results such as Goggle, Bing or Yahoo. You can find the Wiki definition of SEO here.

In short this is a two stage process:

  • Optimising your on page content to be search engine friendly.
  • Creating quality back links to your website.

The first part requires that your website be written with the search engine in mind. This means having the correct key words in your copy, having the right page TITLE and META TAGS and HYPERLINKS that have semantic value etc.

If your website was not been written with these things in mind it is possible to correct these problems retrospectively.

The second part requires an ongoing campaign of press releases, writing articles, getting them placed on relevant sites, starting a blog, submitting your site to search engines and search engine directories and contributing to forums related to your sector.

SEO is a long term commitment and a time consuming process. A realistic time frame would be 4-6 months, and this should be an ongoing process.

Solid Air Web practices an ethical approach to SEO (white hat not black hat), this means there is no guarantee of your website being placed at the top of search engines results such as Google, however no ethical SEO consultant would be able to guarantee this.

Having said this SEO will improve your ranking in search engine results, if a concerted effort is put in.

SEO is traditionally very expensive costing £1000 a month upwards. This is beyond what many businesses are willing to, or, can afford to pay.

Solid Air Web have packages that start at £100 a week and we believe that we can deliver 90% of the results that a typical large SEO agency will produce, at less than 50% of the cost.

All websites are different and a 'one size fits all' approach is not what we offer, rather we provide a more personalised service.

Please contact Solid Air Web using the contact form here or call me on 01244 660126, for a free no obligation consultation.